Learning Climate

Learning Climate – SSR Findings

Strength AreasGrowth Areas
The learning climate has been found to have a successful, safe and accepting environment.  Through observations the staff have done a great and consistent job with policies in place to uphold it.  The learning climate within Holyoke School District is welcoming and positive for the majority of stakeholders based on observations, focus groups, and survey evidence.  It is evident that creating and maintaining a positive climate has been an element of focus within the district. Teachers are actively asking guiding questions in the classroom to create opportunities for students to display the learning dispositions. Although student surveys indicate this area as a strength, there is not enough explicit evidence to support this through classroom observations.
Strength: Students in Holyoke possess a passion for learning. As with all schools, 100% engagement is the goal and Holyoke is approaching this mark. Through classroom observation and student surveys, it is clear to see that there has been and continues to be a focus in regards to student engagement. A large number of students surveyed report enjoying coming to school and would recommend their school to others. This has been evident through classroom observations as well.Through observations and surveys, teachers have made improvements instilling a growth mindset, but would benefit from expansion out of the classroom.