Priority 1

Foster a Positive, Inclusive Environment

Fomentar un ambiente positivo e inclusivo.

We will strive to create an environment that is welcoming and positive, empowering, inclusive and safe for students, staff and parents.  This environment will promote strong social/emotional development, responsibility, and opportunities for every student to grow and graduate with the knowledge, skills and character to find success in life.

Nos esforzemos por crear un ambiente que sea acogedor y positivo, fortalecedor, inclusivo y seguro para los estudiantes, el personal y los padres. Este ambiente promoverá un fuerte desarrollo social / emocional, responsabilidad y oportunidades para que cada estudiante crezca y se gradúe con el conocimiento , habilidades y carácter para encontrar el éxito en la vida.
Strategic Priority OneFoster a Positive, Inclusive Environment
Why is this important?The Holyoke School District feels the best way to graduate every students is to make sure every student feels like he or she belongs at school. This cannot be achieved without also having a staff that also feels valued and appreciated as individuals and professionals.
Action steps related to the prioritySOAR / RISE – PBiS
Student of the Month
Counselor Push In
Sunshine Committees in both buildings
SEL Curriculum 
Bilingual Communication
Evidence of ImplementationTrusted adult program in JR/SR High School
Character Strong
Student Council / Spirit Club
ESL Parent’s Night and Year End Celebration 
SEL Activities
Dragon Store
Big Buddies
Rural Ameritowne
Barnyard Day
6th Grade Transition Day
Dragon Pride Wall
Evidence of ImpactThe focus on communication results in parents, staff,  and students having positive perception and trust in the school.

Even though groups were not aware specifically of the priority, they were all not surprised because the evidence of the impact is so prevalent.

AOC is viewed as the support that it is rather than a punishment – this is evidence of the impact of this implementation.