Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction – SSR Findings

SSR FindingsBackground Information / DocumentsEvidence
Strength AreasGrowth Areas
One of the district’s strengths is the organization of their curriculum mapping. It is evident that Holyoke teachers and staff have invested a lot of time and energy into building the curriculum.Teachers are wanting professional development in differentiation along with supporting more of the ELL student population. Scaffolded lessons were not observed, however after looking over all of the pieces we know there are multiple tiered supports through special programing; (SPED, ELL, AOC). Teachers are wanting more training on classroom leveled differentiation to help support their instruction.
Students were seen demonstrating engagement in their learning. They were also able to articulate what their learning was and how they were going to be successful.Growth area for the elementary level was to find ways to use real-world applications in their lessons and instruction. This skill was demonstrated at the secondary level through HTI, Capstone, and Internship work.