Priority 3

Establish and Implement an Aligned Curriculum That Optimizes Instruction and Ensures Student Learning

​Establecer e implementar un currículo alineado que optimice la instrucción y garantice el aprendizaje de los estudiantes.

Develop and align curriculum with no gaps or unnecessary overlaps to represent important and demanding understanding with processes that include reflection and effectiveness of instruction.

Desarrollar y alinear el currículo sin lagunas o solapamientos innecesarios para representar la comprensión importante y exigente con los procesos que incluyen la reflexión y la eficacia de la instrucción. 
Strategic Priority ThreeEstablish and Implement an Aligned Curriculum That Optimizes Instruction and Ensures Student Learning
Why is this important?A curriculum aligned to standards and not reliant on one text book allows teachers the flexibility to find and create curricular resources that are relevant to Holyoke students in collaboration with their team. This allows a Holyoke graduate to demonstrate the skills listed in the graduate profile.
Action steps related to the priority2020-21Vertical and gap analysis
-Content team time to review 
2021-22Resource work for Science and Social Studies
-Content team time 
-Matching standards to curriculum
Evidence of ImplementationCommon plan time
JH/SR High School Course fair
Content team time
Yearly assessment of courses & curriculum
Department meetings
HTI Capstone/Certificates
Concurrent enrollment increased from 8 to 36 course offerings
Evidence of ImpactStudent attendance: Students want to come to school for the courses offered

Teachers express that it is felt that the district values teachers input in this process

Teachers feel that this work has impacted new teachers and supported their work

Teachers feel that the transition from one building to the other is going well and is smoother and that is helped by consistent curricular language and understanding 

Teachers express that they appreciate the guide and the flexibility of the curriculum map