Professional Learning

Professional Learning – SSR Findings

SSR FindingsBackground Information / DocumentsEvidence
Strength AreasGrowth Areas
Overall in the realm of professional learning shared leadership is a strength and a priority for the district. Continuing to foster the shared leadership groups is encouraged.While staff feel they are receiving valuable professional learning and valuable information, they also feel they are lacking the tools and/or strategies to implement their professional learnings. The district could focus more time on implementation during professional learning opportunities for staff. Staff know the “why”, but not the “how” regarding professional learning and priorities.
Boces professional development is evidenced and implemented district wide, although more positively impacts the elementary staffWhile the district gathers multiple forms of data from all stakeholders, it may be beneficial to prioritize time for staff to disseminate this data to make informed decisions regarding instruction and student growth.

Allowing more tailored and individualized professional learning opportunities would be valued by district staff.