The district has a small number of identified gifted students, below publicly reportable numbers.  Monitoring achievement and growth of each gifted student will be documented in the students’ ALP, or until such a time the district has enough students to include in the UIP.

Individual plans for each gifted student, known as Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs), are written for each gifted student and take into consideration the current performance, academic achievement, and specific strengths of that student.  Programming that may be included based on student strength area may tap into CDLS Infusion Classes, Depth & Complexity-based ALPs for students in 3rd-6th grade, Acceleration, Concurrent Enrollment, and/or Enrichment and Affective Groups in school.  These plans are progress monitored throughout the year by both the school-level GT Coordinator and the BOCES-level GT Coordinator, and documentation about achievement of both academic and affective goals is recorded on the individual student ALP.